What We Believe


 The Bible and the Creeds

 Here at Christ Church we believe that our faith is connected to those who were before us and that is expressed in the Trinitarian, Christ centered, redemption oriented faith of the Bible embodied in the historic ecumenical (shared by all) creeds of the early undivided church, being the Nicene Creed, the Apostles' Creed and the Creed of Saint Athanasius.

 Anglican Foundations

 We also have connections to the historic Anglican Church through the foundational documents of the Thirty-Nine Articles, the Solemn Declaration and the Book of Common  Prayer.

 The best way to know what we believe is to come and see - it is our hope that our faith and what we believe in God is shown in our day to day lives and in what we do in Church. 

 The following is a summary of the Historic Foundations of our Faith and what we believe.

 The Trinity

There is one God, self revealed as three Persons:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

 God the Creator

God created the universe, good in every way.

 Sin-Separation from God

Sin and the devil intruded into creation, through the rebellion of his creatures, separating us from God.  Human sin is prideful rebellion agains God's authority, expressing itself in our refusing to love both the Creator and His creations.  Sin is our turning to ourselves and away from each other and most importantly away from God.


God loves His creation and has ordained its redemption through Jesus Christ.  In fact God loves us so much that he could not leave us in a broken relationship with Him but send his son to us to make right what we had broken and could not fix for ourselves.


  • God the Son, Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, born of the Virgin Mary, was   sent by God into the world, fully God and fully man, to redeem the world.
  • He was sinless, but took upon Himself the sin of the whole world on the cross, thereby overcoming evil.
  • He died and was buried.  God raised Him bodily from the dead and He ascended   into heaven.  He is alive and will come again in glory.
  • He is the sole mediator between God and ourselves, the only way of salvation.

 Salvation - Reunion With God

  •  We are redeemed and justified through faith in Jesus Christ, by grace and not by works.
  • Through the blood of Christ on the cross, we are cleansed and made a new creation.
  • Through repentance and turning to Jesus, we have the assurance of forgiveness of sin, adoption as God's children and life eternal with Him.
  • We are transformed through the forgiveness of sin and the power of Christ living in us by the Holy Spirit.

 The Holy Spirit

  •  The Holy Spirit discloses the glory of Jesus Christ, gives us new life, empowers us for service, equips us for righteousness, leads us to holiness (sanctification), enables us to overcome sin and the devil, and inspires us to do the works of God.

 The New Life In Christ

  •  God made human beings in the divine image so that they might glorify and enjoy their creator forever.  We have a personal fellowship with God and are citizens of the Kingdom of God, being His ambassadors in the world.

 The Authority of Scripture

  •  The Old and New Testaments are "God's Word Written", inspired and authoritative, inerrant (true and trustworthy), coherent, sufficient for salvation, living and powerful as God's guidance for belief and behavior.
  • The church may not judge the Scriptures, selecting and discarding from among their teachings.  Rather, the Scriptures under Christ, judge the Church for its faithfulness to His revealed truth.

 The Church - The Body of Christ in the World

  • The Church is a community of believers, under the authority of Holy Scripture as the Word of Christ.
  • We are called to glorify God in worship and to serve Him in the world through evangelism and social service.
  • We each have distinctive gifts to use for the purpose of glorifying God and the building up of the church in truth and love.