Being Anglican

As Anglicans, our heritage comes from the English Church, with expressions found throughout the world as part of the Anglican Communion. At Christ Church we are part of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario within the Anglican Church of Canada. 


There are many answers to the question, “What does it mean to be Anglican?” 

Here are a few:

·      Being Anglican means being part of a global Christian tradition that bridges   Catholicism and Protestantism.

·      Anglicanism emphasizes the authority of Scripture, the sacraments, and the historic creeds.

·      Being Anglican allows for a diversity of theological beliefs within a common framework.

·      Anglicans value tradition, reason, and scripture as sources of authority in matters of faith.

·      Anglicanism encourages dialogue and seeks to find common ground among its diverse members.

·      Anglican worship emphasizes scripture, sacrament, and beauty in the form of liturgy.

·      We are often described as “a big tent”, allowing for divergent theological conclusions while we maintain common prayer and worship practices.