"To sing is to pray twice."

At Christ Church Cataraqui, we are blessed to have a growing and inclusive music ministry that leads our service with traditional Anglican hymns and beautiful choir music.

Under the direction of our Music and Choir Director, Michael T. Fenn, the choir is open to anyone to join at any time of year. No robes, no fees, and no experience necessary!

The Choir Program

The Christ Church Cataraqui Choir Program runs from September until the beginning of June every year, with rehearsals running from Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm. Attendance is recommended; however, commitment is flexible. We understand that not everyone can commit to attending every rehearsal or Sunday. Your voice, when you are able to come, is a blessing. 

Although we are constantly developing musical ability and singing skills while we rehearse, the primary goal of this choir program is to foster a warm, nurturing, and inclusive choir community and family where friendships blossom. We share meals together a few times each year at choir rehearsal, we meet for social events, and we spend time chatting before and after rehearsals.

If you'd like to sing in the choir, help out with the music ministry, or share your love of music in any way, please contact our Music Director, Mike Fenn. 

The Children's Music Program

Our primary music program for children at Christ Church Cataraqui is our "Joy of Music" program - a free music education program for children aged 2 - 7 years old and their parents. We meet on the 2nd Sunday afternoon of every month from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm. We learn the basic rudiments of music, sing, build instruments, and, best of all: make noise! Our Music and Choir Director, Michael Fenn, brings enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge to each session, using the experience and freshly learned pedagogy from his studies in the Concurrent Bachelor of Education and Music programs at Queen's University. 

Children with any or no experience in music are welcome to take part in this free program. If you want to register for this program, please email, or sign up at the church. 

Additionally, Michael is available to teach private, individualized, paid lessons in voice, piano, or theory. Contact him directly for more information about those opportunities.

Our Music Team

Michael T. Fenn
Music and Choir Director

Marilyn Carnegie
Volunteer Occasional Pianist for Sunday and Monthly Trillium Services

Sarah Sheppard
Collaborative Pianist

Choir Photo Archives

Choir Member Resource Page

This page is password protected and for choir members only. Please speak with Michael to get the password.