Baptisms and  Marriage

Baptism in the Anglican Church

Baptism holds significant spiritual importance in the Anglican Church, as it is considered one of the central sacraments and a foundational rite of initiation into the Christian faith. 

Whether administered to infants or adults, baptism is seen as an essential and transformative act that marks the beginning of a person's Christian life. The spiritual significance of baptism is deeply embedded in the Church's liturgical practices, theological understanding, and the communal life of believers.

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Marriage in the Anglican Church

The spiritual significance of marriage in the Anglican Church is rooted in theological principles and reflects the understanding of marriage as a sacred covenant between two people. The marriage vows are seen as a commitment made before God and the community to love, honour, and cherish one another. 

In November of 2022, a majority of the congregation at Christ Church Cataraqui voted in favour to perform same-sex marriages at our church. This request was received and permission granted by The Right Reverend Michael Oulton, Bishop of The Diocese of Ontario. 

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